About Us

Turf, Track & Court was created to provide dependable, cost effective services for outdoor athletic facilities. At TTC, we provide all aspects of service from planning and design to construction observation as well as synthetic turf maintenance and testing. TTC founded in 2010 to service the needs of all outdoor athletic facilities. TTC has developed a network of athletic and recreational facility professionals, suppliers, and contractors to support every client’s specific needs and requirements.


Brian S. Bingeman has been involved in the design of athletic and recreational facilities since the early 1990s. A Pennsylvania State Registered Landscape Architect for over twenty-five years, Brian has extensive experience with land planning, municipal/regulatory agency approvals, and permitting. The combination of Brian’s education and experience laid a solid foundation for the development of Turf, Track & Court.


Turf, Track & Court is dedicated to providing creative, cost-effective design services, and competent high-quality construction management, as well as comprehensive, high quality synthetic turf maintenance and testing services. TTC is accountable with all aspects of your athletic facilities. Our reputation depends upon your satisfaction.