Turfs & Tracks & Courts (oh my!) – A study in project diversity

When you see the name Turf, Track & Court, you can imagine that is just a nifty, no-nonsense name for a company that deals with turfs, tracks and courts. Nothing super fancy, just the facts. But when you delve a little deeper, you’ll see that, obviously it makes perfect sense because those are indeed the surfaces we work with, but it’s kind of a glossing over what we actually do here. When people ask me what TTC does, I tend to dumb it down (a lot) because, really, what do we do? Well, not me personally. I’m just a(n occasional) blogger, and a do-whatever-anyone-tells-me-to-doer. But the people who are In The Know and Do The Things. What do they do?

In looking at the various projects here, it amazes me how we can go from this…

…to this

in just a few months??

Or I guess more specifically, from THIS

to that, although the planning to completion was a bit more than “a few months”!

Big Spring School District (“BSSD”) was looking to develop an open field near their middle school to create a track and field athletic facility. Among the items they wanted were a 400 meter running track, synthetic turf multi-purpose field, storage, access to the parking facilities and infrastructure planning, as well as lighting, drainage and grading. Multiple professionals were called in to ensure the project was done exactly how BSSD wanted it done. Sand samples and sand colors, paint colors, logos, track colors, door samples, fence samples, you name it and it’s been discussed back and forth between TTC, BSSD and the contractors doing the job (Horst Excavating and Pagoda Electrical). In the end (or near the end, anyway), it’s an amazing facility that BSSD will enjoy for years to come.

So there’s a sampling of the Turf & Track in the title, the Court comes from tennis courts, another thing I never really thought of until joining the TTC crew. Who maintains that and what does it take? Actually if we’re being honest, I never thought about tennis courts at all, but then I’m not a great or even good tennis player. Or even mediocre. But I digress.

We’ve (and by “we” I don’t even a little bit mean to imply “I”) done several projects with tennis courts and are currently working on Wyomissing Area School District’s. This was kind of a pickle because we needed to get various permits from the local governments, had to work out drainage improvement issues as well as cleaning up already existing tennis courts. I can really only show you the “during” but it’s quite a mess right now, working on the drainage and whatnot, so we’ll skip that and head on over to East Pennsboro School District until WASD is completed.

East Pennsboro is a really awesome looking tennis court. The colors they chose are outside the box which makes for excellent presentation.

It’s a nice tennis court as far as tennis courts go. It’s green and reddish. The fence is ok.


WOW. Look at that beautiful orange! I personally think there needs to be more orange in the world. Being the exact opposite of green, it tends to balance things.

Spring Grove Area School District also did a great job choosing to think outside the box as far as court colors go.

The employees of TTC don’t actually do the hard labor involved, what the Smart Ones do is create what the school district or “owner” wants, put it on paper and work with construction companies to get precisely what the person, school, whomever, wants. From working with civil engineers, electricians, turf companies, fencing companies, the project is managed from start to finish by TTC. Sometimes it’s easier to say we’re the Middle Man or Liaison between the owner and the construction professionals, but it’s a lot more involved than that.

If you’re interested in talking to TTC about an upcoming project you’re considering, please give us a call at 717-312-3012 or send an email to info@turftrackandcourt.com. If you’re not quite ready to take that first step, we also have Qualifications Packages that skim over some of the fantastic work that’s been done by TTC over the past several years.

Next up: an overview of The Summer of 2017 for TTC.